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Word of Mouth

This interdisciplinary research project between SSEES and Information Studies is aimed at building the first multimedia online resource focused on informality that explores informal practices and informal structures from a global perspective.

Informal practices are sets of strategies used to manipulate formal rules of the institutional contexts in which they operate. Through its comparative and ethnographic nature, this project will explore the existence of multiple moralities, which account for the resilience of informal practices, and analyse their legitimacy and institutional arrangements as well as the cultural and historical contexts of informality.

At its heart, the project will create an online resource based at SSEES and overssen by Information Studies / Centre for Difitcal Humanities to unite scholars of informality all over the world, and importantly to provide a platform for the submission and curation of informal practices across the globe. It will be a comprehensible, easily accessible resource targeting not only the academic community, but also policy makers, businesses and the public. The project will beneift from the advice of a Board of directors that will consist of experts from the BBC, anthropology, information technology and policy makers.

Alena Ledeneva


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