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#UCLFACESRACE: Past, Present, Future

 This project will determine the feasibility of

  • establishing an inter-disciplinary and inter-faculty MSc and / or MA, in programmes within the remit of ‘Black Studies’, and
  • developing The Equiano Centre, following the model of UCL’s Urban Lab and its successful Urban Studies MSc, administered from UCL Geography.

When, in 2007, The Equiano Centre was established at UCL, there were no Black Studies Departments in the UK and the ‘brain drain’ to the United States, where Ivy League Universities (including Harvard, Yale and Stanford) host ‘Black Studies Departments’ in some formation, was well-known among scholars. 

In this context, The Equiano Centre was established with four key aims:  

  • To foster the development of historical research into the Black presence in Britain and to support a community of postgraduate and academic scholars; and
  • To facilitate, via a public programme of conferences and workshops, the exchange of ideas and information on the Black presence in Britain.  
  • And, in the longer term:
  • To establish, at University College London, a postgraduate degree with a focus upon the Black presence in Britain; and
  • To become an internationally renowned research institute for the study of the Black presence in Britain.

Caroline Bressey


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