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100 Hours

100 Hours is an interdisciplinary project which, over a 15-month period, will use innovative and collaborative methods to realise new research directions for the study of material things in contemporary and historical society.

Advised by a cross-departmental group of Principal Investigators (PIs), the project Early Career Researchers (ECRs) Leonie Hannan (Museums & Public Engagement) and Kate Smith (History) will bring together a team of early career collaborators, from a range of academic disciplines and institutions. The project team will focus closely and individually on a selection of objects – chosen from UCL Museum collections - and through discussion sessions with senior academic specialists will create a series of innovative research ‘responses’.

The findings of the project will be made publicly available as the project unfolds through a website and blog, featuring short video streams. The project will end with a forum event in which participants will come together to reflect upon their research and the collaborative process, offering opportunities for a wider community of scholars to respond, extending the discussion still further. In this way, 100 Hours will not only produce a tranche of novel research on material culture, but it also proposes an original methodology – one that capitalises on the collaborative and interdisciplinary composition of its newly formed, early career research team.

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