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Professor Fuller attend Shunshanji Culture Conference

28 April 2016

In April 2016, as the only foreign scholar invited, Professor Dorian Fuller presented the paper "Sitting Down and Producing Food: Comparison of Pathway to Cultivation" in national Shunshanji Culture Conference, in Sihong, Jiangsu Province, China.

sihong1 The conference was organised by by Chinese Neolithic Archaeology Society, National Museum, Nanjing Museum and Sihong County Council. Scholars from Peking University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and regional archaeological institutions showcased latest researches on Shunshanji culture, as well as new development regarding studies on rice cultivation, animal remains, pottery production at Shunshanji culture. 

The Shunshanji site is located in Sihong county, Jiangsu Province, China. This Neolithic site covers almost 175,000 square meters. Nanjing Museum and Sihong Museum have jointly excavated this site since 2010. The excavation confirmed a prehistory moated settlement dating to about 8,000BP, while discovered 92 tombs dating to the Neolithic period, 26 ash pits, 5 house foundations, 3 kitchen ranges ruins, a large area of burned earth deposit and a dog pit, and found over 300 pieces of potteries, stone, jade and bone artifacts. A large number of animal bones and fish bones were deposited in the moat and carbonized rice remains were floated from many features.