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Chinese Visual Festival 2019

The unmissable Chinese Visual Festival is coming to KCL and BFI Southbank from Thursday 2nd to Thursday 9th May 2019. More...

Faces of Hong Kong: New Short Documentary Films

Curated by Tammy Cheung (張虹). Presented by Prof. Chris Berry (KCL Film Studies) in association with Visible Record (Hong Kong)
Time: 6.30 pm, Wednesday 20 March
Place: Nash Lecture Theatre (K2.31), King’s College London, Strand, WC2R 2LS
The event is free and open to all, but registration via eventbrite is essential. More...

Call for papers: Healthcare in China, a medical-humanities perspective

Interdisciplinary workshop jointly convened by Oxford Brookes University and Peking University HSBC Business School UK Campus, Friday 14th June 2019. More...

Body Mirrors: transcultural reflections on an Edo medical puppet

An international, interdisciplinary workshop led by Shan JIANG 姜姗 (Peking University; UCL IAS), in conversation with Vivienne Lo (UCL History), Man GU 顾漫 (China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences; NRI), Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim (Goldsmiths) and Isabelle Lawrence (Science Museum).

Acu-Moxa and Qi 氣: a UCL IAS Talking Points seminar

with IAS visiting research fellow Dr Shan Jiang 姜姗, and respondents Dr Vivienne Lo and Dr Nancy Holroyde-Downing.

Chinese New Year Festivities

Celebrate the New Year of the Pig with CCHH in the Refectory (UCL Wilkins Building, Lower Ground) on Monday 4 February 2019, from 6pm onwards. More...

Chinese Food Philosophy: A Recipe for Life

Vivienne Lo (UCL CCHH), Bee Wilson and Ching-He Huang in conversation with Donald Sloan.

Madness in Paris, Paris in Madness: The City, Emotions and the Insane at the Dawn of Mass Society

A History of Psychological Disciplines Seminar with Professor Jean-Jacques Courtine (University of Auckland, NZ / QMUL.

Hot and Numb! 2000 years of Sichuan pepper

5 June 2015

Saturday 13th June, 12.00 midday, The Spice Exchange, Kew Gardens. As part of the Kew Full of Spice Festival 2015, Vivienne Lo (UCL CCHH) will give a presentation on the history of Sichuan pepper, its medical and culinary uses.

Kew Full of Spice Festival/ Spicy Saturday:

Saturday 13th June, 12.00

Hot and Numb! Two thousand years of Sichuan pepper

Today the characteristic flavour of Hunan and Sichuan cuisine is that of the chilli pepper. But chilli did not arrive in China until around the sixteenth century, after it had been discovered by Europeans in South America. Before that time, the peppers native to China, most notably varieties of zanthoxylum, commonly known as Sichuan pepper, imparted a very distinctive flavour that is often used nowadays in conjunction with chilli. Sichuan pepper stimulates the famous ma 麻 ‘numbing’ effect on the tongue. During this presentation, Dr Vivienne Lo will reflect on 2000 years of Sichuan pepper, its medical and culinary uses. She will also share some great recipes.

The afternoon's programme continues with music from pipa lute virtuoso Cheng Yu and a talk by ethnobotanist/TV presenter James Wong.

Further details here:

Venue: The Spice Exchange pavilion, outside the north end of the Princess of Wales Conservatory, Kew Gardens

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