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Acu-Moxa and Qi 氣: a UCL IAS Talking Points seminar

with IAS visiting research fellow Dr Shan Jiang 姜姗, and respondents Dr Vivienne Lo and Dr Nancy Holroyde-Downing. Time: 6:00–8:00pm, Tuesday 19 February 2019. Place: IAS Common Ground (ground floor, south wing, Wilkins building). Further details here.

Chinese New Year Festivities

Celebrate the New Year of the Pig with CCHH in the Refectory (UCL Wilkins Building, Lower Ground) on Monday 4 February 2019, from 6pm onwards. More...

Chinese Food Philosophy: A Recipe for Life

Vivienne Lo (UCL CCHH), Bee Wilson and Ching-He Huang in conversation with Donald Sloan, Wednesday 16 , January 2019, 6.30–8.30pm, at Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP.
Book via Eventbrite. Free tickets for students.

Madness in Paris, Paris in Madness: The City, Emotions and the Insane at the Dawn of Mass Society

A History of Psychological Disciplines Seminar with Professor Jean-Jacques Courtine (University of Auckland, NZ / QMUL.
Time: Mon 19 November 2018, 18:00 – 19:30.
Place: SELCS Common Room, G24 Foster Court, Malet Place.
Registration via Eventbrite:


Movement Matters: Dance, Kinaesthesia and the Avant-Garde

A workshop-performance event to mark the paperback edition of Irina Sirotkina and Roger Smith, The Sixth Sense of the Avant-Garde: Dance, Kinaesthesia and the Arts in Revolutionary Russia (Bloomsbury, December 2018).
Time: Saturday 1 December 2018, 2:00–6:00pm.
Place:  IAS Common Ground (ground floor, south wing, Wilkins building).
Registration via Eventbrite:

Longing For Rain: Spectral lovers and the new urban spaces of middle-class Beijing

A UCL Health Humanities seminar with Vivienne Lo and Nashuyuan Wang.
Time: Thursday 15 November,  6.15–7.15pm.
Place: SELCS Common Room, G24 Foster Court, Malet Place More...

The Cholera Pandemic,Transnational Politics, and the Cold War in Southeast Asia and China, 1960-1965

An IAS Talking Point seminar with Visiting Research Fellow Dr Fang Xiaoping 方小平 and responses from Dr Vivienne Lo  and Dr Andrew Wear.
Time: Wed 20 June 2018, 6–8pm
Place: IAS Common Ground (ground floor, south wing, Wilkins building)
Registration via Eventbrite.
Download a flyer here.

Ma Kanwen Memorial Lecture 2018

Vivienne Lo (UCL CCHH) will be giving the 2nd Ma Kanwen Memorial Lecture at the Needham Research Institute, Cambridge on Friday 25 May, 4pm. More...

PKU-UCL inter-university module in the Cross-Cultural Health Humanities

12 March 2018

An inter-university module in the Cross Cultural Medical/Health Humanities, taught by historians, philosophers and global health specialists from PKU and UCL, will run this week at the Yenching Academy of Peking University.

The new module brings together the partner universities in a dialogue that will expose graduate students at the Yenching Academy to cross-cultural approaches to some of the most pressing issues facing health and healthcare in China from a humanities point of view. The module will be taught in the form of ten seminars. It will begin with an introduction to the nature of cross-cultural Health Humanities, and will then focus on the key disciplines of Medical History, Medical Anthropology, Philosophy and Ethics of Healthcare, Ecocities, and Global Health. Each of the seminars will survey the overarching issues that arise in each discipline, and then concentrate on one critical theme such as 'the historical transmission of medical ideas along the Silk Road', 'cross-cultural narratives of madness and disability', 'reproductive health', 'health systems', 'food and medicine, and food safety', 'health and the environment', etc. An existing strength of our joint teaching has been the use of the visual arts as a way of facilitating discussion with students, and in particular the use of film in teaching the Health Humanities, which has already proved very successful and popular in the centres of Medical and Health Humanities in both universities. The overall aim of this module is to cultivate global outlooks and to model a co-creating of wise solutions to enduring and emerging global problems in health, providing students with the best possible preparation for global lives and careers.


Set in the beautiful Peking University campus, Yenching Academy is the jewel in the crown of the university's international teaching programme and attracts graduate students from all around the world. Its aim is to train tomorrow’s leaders in the historical and contemporary cultures of China. Generous bursaries are provided for the best applicants worldwide, with guaranteed places for key universities. UCL graduates have already received four of those bursaries.

Further information on the Yenching Academy programme and details of how to apply are available on the Academy website:

Hear what UCL History graduate - and 2015–2016 Yenching Scholar - James Ashcroft has to say about the programme:

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