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HIST0451 Core Course Timetable and Lecturers

Course Convenor: Dr Vivienne Lo
Room G03, 23 Gordon Square         tel. 020 7679 3605
currently on sabbatical

Course Tutor 2019-2020: 
Dr Michael Facius
Room B21, 24 Gordon Square 

HIST0451, An Interdisciplinary Approach to China: Health and Humanity, 2019-20

Lecture times: Wednesdays 11am-1pm
Location: Room G10, 26 Gordon Square (unless otherwise stated)

The Core Course is a twenty-hour module taught in two hour slots throughout the first term. The lectures will be delivered by specialists in different fields critical to the interdisciplinary understanding of health. Some of the lecturers will be China specialists. Others, such as experts in global health and geriatrics, will be leaders in their field. The second hour will be held in seminar style with presentation and discussion of relevant secondary literature in English and Chinese as it relates to China.

The educational aim of the Core course most closely reflects the aims of the overall programme for MA Chinese Health and Humanity. That is, the students will develop expertise in a range of approaches to health and well-being. With each session split into two parts with a taught element and a seminar element, the course invites immediate application of each of the approaches modelled to health in China and the impact of China on health around the world, historically and in the present day.

Preparation for the seminars will require a substantial amount of research and reading, and the seminars themselves will encourage student participation with rigorous presentation and analysis of evidence according to individual disciplines. The students will learn to integrate disciplines in the research and analysis of their chosen subject.

Sample timetable

(for current programme, please consult our Moodle page)

Induction Week
Wed 28 September, 12-1pm
Vivienne LoIntroductory sessionG10, 26 Gordon Square
Week 1
Wed 5 October
Vivienne LoMedical Humanities and China: Illness/Wellness Narratives
G01, 16-18 Gordon Square
Week 2
Wed 12 October
Michael ClarkFilm and the Medical Humanities
G01, 16-18 Gordon Square
Week 3
Wed 19 October
Aaron ParkhurstAnthropology and MedicineG01, 16-18 Gordon Square
Week 4
Wed 26 October
Benny DembitzerSleepwalking into Global FamineG01, 16-18 Gordon Square
Week 5
Wed 2 November
CJ LimSustainable CitiesG01, 16-18 Gordon Square
7-11 NovReading Week  
Week 6
Wed 16 November
Jonathan HolmesClimate and Society Over Recent MillenniaG01, 16-18 Gordon Square
Week 7
Wed 23 November
Vivienne BradwellEmerging Issues in Law and HealthG01, 16-18 Gordon Square


Week 8
Mon 28 November

Hugh Montgomery


Climate Change

G01, 16-18 Gordon Square
Week 8
Wed 30 November
Li XiaoyunUnderstanding FrailtyG01, 16-18 Gordon Square
Week 9
Wed 7 December
Li XiaoyunPopulation HealthG01, 16-18 Gordon Square
Week 10
Wed 14 December
Li XiaoyunHealth SystemsG01, 16-18 Gordon Square