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Dr Di Lu

Di Lu portrait
Research Interests: Materia Medica and Natural History in Modern Sino-European Interactions, History of Modern Mycology, and Modern Intellectual History

Having lived, studied, and worked in three countries (i.e. China, United Kingdom, and Israel), I possess abundant international experiences in education and research. In the UK I received sociological and historical training, and earned my Master’s degree in Science, Communication and Society from the University of Kent in 2013, and, under the supervision of Prof. Vivienne Lo and Prof. Michael Heinrich, gained my PhD in History (transnational history of medicine) from University College London in 2017. In recent years I have obtained the Charles Leslie Junior Scholar Essay Award (2016) and the Dan David Prize Scholarship (2021), and held membership in Europe’s Microhistory Network. Currently I am a Zvi Yavetz Fellow and Thomas Arthur Arnold Fellow at the School of Historical Studies, Tel Aviv University.

My research interests are in the fields of medical history, intellectual history, modern history, and global history. Following my graduation from University College London, I have been mainly focusing on the exchange of medicinal and natural historical objects and related knowledge in Sino-European interactions in the eighteenth through early twentieth centuries. In addition, I have also devoted much attention to the history of modern mycology, and the making of the modern world as seen through Chinese and Euro-American border-crossing intellectuals (e.g. naturalists, medical missionaries, and consuls) and their transcultural experiences. Currently, under the guidance of Prof. Asaf Goldschmidt, I am working on a research project on the Imperial Maritime Customs Service. My publications have appeared or are forthcoming in refereed English historical periodicals. My first book, tentatively entitled ‘Transnational Travels of the Caterpillar Fungus’, dealing with the transformation of modern Chinese materia medica and natural history in a global context, is in process of publication.