UCL Announces New Fast-Track Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in Health Informatics

5 August 2014

The UCL Graduate Programme in Health Informatics is now accepting applications from individuals wishing to complete a Postgraduate Diploma or MSc in Health Informatics in a single academic year.

The Programme was originally designed to meet the needs of those studying alongside full time work, and they will continue to be the largest group of students and the ones who benefit the most from our flexible mix of face-to-face teaching and distance learning. However, for the first time, we are now also accommodating students who wish to pursue the same modules, delivered in the same way, but on a more compressed timescale.

This innovation will be particularly attractive for home (UK/EU) students who are not currently in full time work or are looking to retrain in this exciting and challenging field.

For further details, visit the Health Informatics Graduate Programme website or contact

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