New Qualification: Health & Medical Sciences (Quality, Information & Safety)

16 May 2014

Quality, Information & Safety

UCL is now accepting applications for the first specialised award in Health & Medical Sciences (HMS) - the Postgraduate Certificate in Health & Medical Sciences (Quality, Information & Safety) - for the academic year 2014-15.

HMS (QIS) is the first of a series of "named" awards that reflect intensive study in a particular field not otherwise specifically addressed by a UCL programme. Students take the HMS core module - Healthcare Quality & Evidence Based Practice - and then three other modules from a prescribed subject-area related subset of the HMS Module Library. As for the postgraduate certificate in the fully flexible HMS programme, the timescale for completion is 1-5 years.

Health & Medical Sciences students working towards this award explore various facets of healthcare quality with an emphasis on the role of information, evidence, regulation and safe practice. They develop insights into the challenges of managing high quality service delivery change, and the confidence to tackle the complex job of improving patient care.

Applications are welcome now for 2014-15 academic year - visit the HMS programme website for further details.

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