BMJ Editorial: Caldicott 2 and Patient Data

24 April 2013

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) of April 24th 2013 includes an Editorial written by Dr Paul Taylor, Reader in  Health Informatics at UCL CHIME, discussing and summarising the new Information Governance Review known as "Caldicott 2", its background and implications.

Dr Taylor said "The last Caldicott report set out principles that served to restrict the release of confidential data. The new report recognises that some of the issues have become more complicated. So there is a new principle which counteracts the overly cautious stance that some clinicians have adopted to the sharing of patient data, the limited release of which is sometimes in the patient's interest.

"The report also reaffirms that patients have a right of access to their data.  A lot of researchers will focus on the discussion of a new category of potentially identifiable information, a kind of half-way house between anonymised data which can be disclosed and confidential data which can't."

The editorial is available online at

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