Professor Dipak Kalra takes up Presidency of the EuroRec Institute

29 November 2012

Dipak Kalra, clinical professor of health informatics and Director of UCL CHIME, has taken up the position of President of the EuroRec Institute, an independent not-for-profit organisation that promotes the use of high quality Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems across Europe.

EuroRec has a strong European reputation in research and development on the re-use of electronic health records for research, and has led many European Commission sponsored projects to promote the adoption of high quality EHR systems across Europe. EuroRec has also been very active in facilitating transatlantic strategy alignment in such areas as interoperability, EHR system certification, workforce accreditation and the trustworthy re-use of EHR data.

Over the course of his four-year term as President, Professor Kalra will continue to grow EuroRec's activities, in particular strengthening its contributions to technical and semantic EHR interoperability, and its business models for the long-term sustainability of both EuroRec and its 16 national ProRec Centres.

Professor Kalra said "At CHIME we are making significant contributions to advancing the quality and interoperability of EHR systems globally, and I look forward to our forging strong research partnerships with EuroRec in the coming years".

To learn more, visit the EuroRec Institute website at

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