Open Source, Open Standards, and Health Care Information Systems

18 February 2011

Dr Carl Reynolds, who is currently studying for an MSc in Health Informatics at CHIME, and Prof. Jeremy Wyatt, who himself used to teach on the same MSc course, have co-written a paper just published in the Journal of Medical Informatics Research (J Med Internet Res 2011;13(1):e24).

The paper, entitled Open Source, Open Standards, and Health Care Information Systems, argues that an open source approach is essential to a rational procurement strategy in healthcare. Licensing and software development models, as well as standards, have significant affects on development. The authors reason that open source licensing promotes safer and more effective health care information systems, and will be an improvement on the proprietary formats mostly used in the NHS and the National Programme for IT to date.

CHIME has a long history of supporting open source approaches, including our central role in the openEHR project to developing open specifications, open-source software and knowledge resources in healthcare.

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