New Students Begin UCL Postgraduate Programme in Health Informatics

12 October 2009

The academic year 2009-10 began in earnest on Friday October 2nd when no less than thirty new students on the health informatics programme arrived at UCL's Archway Campus to begin their induction programme.

Induction, like the modular Postgraduate Programme itself, is a blend of face-to-face and online learning, and the new students, including a large group from the new health informatics stream of the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme, were treated to a variety of experiences designed to stimulate and prepare them for the years of study ahead. These ranged from meeting the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for the first time, to keynote lectures and panel discussions involving CHIME staff and visiting nationally and internationally renowned experts in the field.

As the students left the Campus on Monday October 5th, after a hard day's work, the next phase of their induction programme was beginning, as the first of three weeks of online activities became available in the VLE. In a few weeks, the students will be back at UCL for the face-to-face component of their first module - Principles of Health Informatics - which, like all UCL CHIME taught modules, is also available as continuing education for those who want to study without committing to a full academic programme.

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