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Case Study: Social Care

Partnerships in protection: ways of working to keep children safe

Social Care

How can hospitals and social services best work together to protect children from maltreatment?

Keeping children safe from harm is a fundamental social responsibility, so it's important that safeguarding processes are as efficient as possible. Collaborative working between the agencies involved is key to effectiveness.

With a view to improving integrated working, a recent project by the social care cross-cutting theme of the CPRU explored how acute trust paediatric and local authority services work together in cases of suspected child maltreatment.

Key Points:

  • We explored joint working between two agencies involved in child protection: hospitals and social services
  • The overall approach to services mattered: shared vision and commitment to partnership was important
  • Key findings have been published through videos and 'at a glance' summaries, as well as a full report and academic publication

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This case study is from the Social care cross cutting theme.