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Using the facility

All new users are required to create an account on our online booking system (PPMS) prior to using the facility. Cell analysers may only be used by those who have been trained by facility staff. Users who can demonstrate previous experience with similar analysers may not need full training (at the discretion of facility staff) but will still need to be shown the cleaning procedures and have the rules of use of the facility explained.

The facility is open to ICH, GOSH, UCL and external users. To access the lab, ICH and GOSH users will need to have access to the Camelia Botnar Laboratories on their ID cards. Please email Paula Vaquero to arrange this. UCL and external users will need to call the lab to allow them access. 

Users are welcome to book training sessions to learn how to use the cell analysers (LSRII, CyAn, FACSArray, and FACSCalibur) correctly. Training can be given at an agreed time when booked in advance and is charged at £50 per hour for ICH and GOSH users and £75 per hour for UCL and external users. The training session usually takes an hour and a half for most users but can be extended to two hours for novice users. Please use PPMS to request a training session or email Ayad Eddaoudi or call 020 7905 2331 with any queries.

All instruments are available on first-come first-served basis.

Cell analysers can be booked on our online booking system.

Cell sorter can only be booked by email after the first sort has taken place. To book their first sort users are advised to contact in person staff facility and must fill out and sign a biosafety questionnaire form (Word doc) before experiments or projects are started. No sort will take place if this form is not handed to the operator before the first sort is due.

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