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Targeted Proteomics

Protein quantitation by mass spectrometry

Targeted proteomics or Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) LC-MS/MS analysis is a powerful technique that can multiplex the quantitation of multiple proteins in one analysis.

Essentially a protein or biomarker can be measured in a complex sample such as serum, CSF or urine by identifying a unique peptide sequence (proteotypic) that represents that protein. The sample is then digested using a protease to generate that peptide from the biomarker protein. The unique peptide is then measured using mass spectrometry. The mass spectrometer can measure many peptides at once so an assay can be ‘multiplexed’


Targeted proteomics schematic


The TMSRG has extensive experience developing multiplex targeted proteomic assays

We have assays developed in CSF, urine serum/plasma to confirm biomarker or measure the inflammation profile. 

We are now using these assays to look at the effect of  post –covid19 infection on healthcare workers in collaboration with Great Ormond Street, Barts and the Royal Free Hospitals. 


Please see below for a list of our publications using targeted proteomics:


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