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Who is running and funding ECHILD?

The ECHILD study is led by University College London in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and in partnership with NHS England, the Department for Education and the Office for National Statistics.

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The ECHILD project is funded by

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The ECHILD project is led by University College London researchers: 

echild dr harron
Professor Katie Harron

Kaite Harron is a Professor of Statistics and Health Data Science at UCL Institute of Child Health, a member of Council for the Royal Statistical Society and an associate editor for the Journal of the RSS, Series A. Katie’s methodological research focuses on the development of statistical methods for data linkage, and particularly for evaluating the quality of linkage.  Katie’s applied research focuses on exploiting existing data sources to improve services for mothers and families, and particularly vulnerable families. Read more about Katie here:  Co-principal Investigator.

Professor Ruth Gilbert
Professor Ruth Gilbert

Ruth Gilbert is a professor of clinical epidemiology, who trained in paediatrics. She is the Co-Director of the NIHR Children and Families Policy Research Unit, Theme Lead for Public Health within Health Data Research London, and contributes to the Rare Diseases theme of the NIHR Great Ormond Street Hospital Biomedical Research Centre.  Read more about Ruth Gilbert here:  Co-principal Investigator.

Dr Ruth Blackburn
Dr Ruth Blackburn

Ruth Blackburn is a quantitative public health research researcher and UKRI Innovation Fellow based at the UCL Institute for Health Informatics, where she is the Deputy Leader for the Public Health Data Science Group. She is particularly interested in understanding the links between physical and mental health in people with complex health and social needs. Read more about Ruth Blackburn here:  Co-Investigator.

Nicolas Libuy Rios
Dr Nicolas Libuy Rios

Nicolás is an ECHILD Researcher. His research focuses on education, labour conditions, and public health with special focus on the social determinants of health. His research uses administrative data linked with longitudinal studies to explore causal associations over the life course. He holds a PhD in Health Economics from UCL Social Research Institute.

matt jay
Dr Matthew Jay 

Matt is an ECHILD Researcher using the ECHILD database to examine the links between chronic health conditions, school absence and exam results. Matt's research interests have included law and legal epidemiology, education and paediatric pain. Matt has worked on a range of projects using administrative and cohort data, including on off-rolling and exclusion of children with a history of social care involvement and in the pain service at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Read more about Matt Jay here: ECHILD researcher.

Qi Feng
Dr Qi Feng 

Qi is an ECHILD senior data scientist working on data linkage for ECHILD project.  Before this, Qi worked as an epidemiologist for UK Biobank for two years in the University of Oxford. Qi obtained my PhD degree in Public Health from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Read more about Qi here: ECHILD researcher. 

Difei Shi
Difei Shi

Difie is Research Assistant at the UCL Institute of Child Health, working with a particular focus on maternal care experiences and birth/child outcomes.

Professor Jan van der Meulen
Prof Jan van der Meulen

Jan is a professor of clinical epidemiology.  His research focuses on the study of determinants of variation in processes and outcomes of surgical care ("epidemiology of the quality of surgical care"). He is involved in a number of national studies of surgical practice and outcome that are run by the Clinical Effectiveness Unit of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.  Read more about Jan here:  ECHILD researcher.

Min Hae Park Portrait
Dr Min Hae Park

Min Hae is an assistant professor in epidemiology. Her current work focuses on using national routine data to evaluate hospital care for people with cancer.  Read more about Min Hae here: ECHILD researcher.

Christine Farquharson
Christine Farquharson

Christine is a Senior Research Economist focuses on early intervention, child development, and programme evaluation.    Read more about Christine here:  ECHILD researcher

portrait imran tahir
Imran Tahir

Imran is a Research Economist, his work focuses on understanding what drives inequalities in educational attainment. Read more about Imran here: ECHILD researcher 

Milagros Ruiz Nishiki

Milagros is a Data Resource Manager for the ECHILD project at UCL Institute of Child Health. Milagros helps with the data governance of the project supporting the arrangements to open ECHILD to external researchers.

Matthew Lilliman
Matthew Lilliman

Matthew is the Data Resource Manager at the UCL GOS Institute of Health Informatics Child Health Informatic Group.  He is UCL's Project Manager for the ECHILD project.