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Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Paediatric Anaesthesia

Lead Contact: Dr Mike Sury (surym@gosh.nhs.uk)

Our main theme is to minimise the risk, stress and discomfort for children requiring anaesthesia and sedation. Our work involves improving the care for children not only having major surgery in the operating theatres but also for those having minor procedures outside the operating theatre environment. We have expertise in the development, assessment and investigation of new techniques and we are working to improving practice both locally and nationally. We collaborate closely with Pain Research and all our sibling research groups.

Anae baby wide


  • To eliminate the pain, discomfort and risk of surgery
  • To assess conscious level and avoid both inadequate and excessive anaesthesia drug doses  
  • To better understand the pathogenesis of both pre and post-operative distress
  • To develop new techniques, technologies and management strategies that will improve outcome following anaesthesia and sedation
  • To assess new technology in infants and small children

Current Projects

  • Anaesthesia - investigation of markers of conscious level in infants and small children
  • Cardiac Anaesthesia - minimising risk in pulmonary hypertension
  • Neurosurgical anaesthesia - management of major haemorrhage
  • Sedation - development of short acting techniques for painless imaging and endoscopy
  • Anxiety management - identification and management of severe preoperative anxiety
  • Resuscitation - working towards evidence based guidelines
  • Airway management - assessment of a new laryngoscope
  • Assessment of new technology - continuous non-invasive blood pressure
  • Safety - implementation and assessment of national check-lists for surgery