UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Staff list

Section Head

  • Professor Persis Amrolia             

Section Administrator

  • Mrs Jade Turner             
  • Mrs Lauren Hunter (Admin Assistant)    

Gene Therapy Academic Administrator

  • Ms Chris Thalasselis      


  • Professor Adrian Thrasher         
  • Professor Christine Kinnon         
  • Professor Bobby Gaspar (Honorary)
  • Professor Persis Amrolia             
  • Professor Paul Veys (Honorary)
  • Professor Graham Davies (Honorary)     
  • Professor Waseem Qasim          

Mahboubian Senior Clinical Lecturer

  • Dr Claire Booth (Associate Section Head)             

Senior Lecturers

  • Dr Austen Worth (Honorary)     
  • Dr Matthew Buckland (Honorary)           


  • Dr Sara Benedetti           
  • Dr Alessia Cavazza         
  • Dr Alice Giustacchini     
  • Dr Giorgia Santilli           

Clinical Scientists

  • Dr Kimberly Gilmour (Honorary)

Senior Clinical Research Fellows

  • Dr Kritika Chetty

Clinical Research Fellows

  • Dr Sameer Bahal
  • Dr Macarena Oporto-Espuelas 
  • Dr Giorgio Ottaviano     

Clinical Research Associates    

  • Dr Wing Yeu (Winnie) Ip (Honorary)       

Senior Research Associates

  • Dr Luca Biasco (Honorary)          
  • Francisco José Román-Rodríguez
  • Dr Farhatullah Syed
  • Dr Giandomenico Turchiano

Research Associates & Fellows

  • Dr Elena Armenteros Monterroso (Honorary)    
  • Dr Amairelys Barroeta Seijas      
  • Dr Elena Blanco-Alvarez (Honorary)       
  • Dr Ayad Eddaoudi          
  • Dr Annie Etuk   
  • Dr Christos Georgiadis  
  • Dr Athina Gkazi
  • Dr Eduardo Gómez Castañeda  
  • Dr Benjamin Houghton 
  • Dr Aiyin Liao     
  • Dr Ilaria Marina Michelozzi        
  • Dr Asma Naseem           
  • Dr Anastasia Petrova     
  • Dr Roland Preece
  • Dr Giuseppa Piras          
  • Dr Rajeev Rai    
  • Dr Eve Rogers       
  • Dr Winston Vetharoy    
  • Dr Thomas Whittaker    
  • Dr Jenny Yeung
  • Dr Hong Zhan   
  • Dr Fang Zhang  

Research Assistants

  • Miss Agnes Chan            
  • Ms Argyro Diasakou (Honorary)
  • Miss Neelam Panchal (p/t PhD student)
  • Miss Andrea Schejtman (p/t PhD student)           

Senior Research Technicians

  • Mr Matthew Shaw         

Research Technicians

  • Miss Natalia Izotova (p/t PhD student)   
  • Mr Craig Terris 
  • Mr Slawomir Wantuch (p/t PhD student)

Lab Technicians

  •  Ms Toni Braybrook   
  • Mr Ky Nguyen
  • Ms Meera Subramaniyam    

QA Officer

  • Dr Shazeen Hasan          

QC Technician  

  • Miss Praveen Aujla   

  • Mr Devi Mal-Malhi        
  • Dr Karen Oprych

Production Manager

  • Dr Barry Flutter (GOSH)

Clinical Research Operations Manager

  • Mrs Havinder Hara        

Clinical Project Managers

  • Mr Marc Madziar           
  • Mrs Agnieszka Kubat     
  • Ms Kajal Soni    

Research Co-ordinators

  • Mr Stephen Hayes         
  • Miss Gemma Sehmi 
  • Ms Serena Vanzan       

Experimental Officer

  • Ms Rachel Richardson  

Healthcare Scientists

  • Dr Karen Buckland         
  • Dr Christine Rivat (Honorary)    

Senior Research Nurse

  • Ms Camilla Duran-Persson (GOSH)

Research Nurse

  • Mrs Lynsey Hart             

Full-Time PhD Students

  • Mrs Hala Aldahshan      
  • Miss Helena Brezovjakova          
  • Miss Bethan Critchley   
  • Miss Renuka Kadirkamanathan
  • Mr Efstratios Kirtsios
  • Miss Annelotte Mudde 
  • Mr Gaetano Naso          
  • Mr Adrian Westhaus