UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Infection, Immunity and Inflammation Programme

The III academic programme aims to deliver world class interdisciplinary research for children with infectious, immunological and inflammatory disease, children with life threatening respiratory disease, children in pain and critically ill children on intensive care.

Molecular basis of immunological and inflammatory disease: applying high-throughput genetics and systematic deep phenotyping of patients.

Basic immunological mechanisms: experimentation in informative model systems and study of immunological development and function in children.

Pathogen action: to understand molecular mechanisms of pathogen action through study of microbial genetics and host response to challenge.

Disease prevention: to develop effective methods to enhance disease diagnosis in early childhood and utilise effective vaccination strategies.

World-leading translational research: to undertake clinical trials in children with immunological and inflammatory diseases using novel biologic agents, and cell and gene therapies.

Respiratory disease and intensive care: to improve the understanding of early determinants of lung disease in children, including critical care physiology, and development novel therapeutic and management strategies.

Teaching and Education: To develop a world class education platform for health professionals and lay public.