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Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Workshops and seminars

The Institute runs a number of workshops, journal clubs and events that address global health from different perspectives.

Global Health Workshops

We hold regular workshops that prioritise giving early career researchers (Masters and PhD students and postdoctoral fellows) the opportunity to present their research on global health.

Contact Jonathan Wells if you would like to contribute jonathan.wells@ucl.ac.uk

Global Health Symposia

We hold occasional symposia that aim to highlight current priorities and new opportunities in global child health

Contact Jonathan Wells if you would like to propose a topic jonathan.wells@ucl.ac.uk

Nutrition Journal Club

The nutrition group holds fortnightly online journal club that addresses a wide range of nutritional issues from a global health perspective.

Contact Mary Fewtrell m.fewtrell@ucl.ac.uk

Qualitative Special Interest Group (SIG)

Qualitative research involves the use of rigorously developed methods to understand how people experience the world, with a focus on the retention of rich meaning when interpreting data. This group encourages the sharing of experiences and expertise to encourage collaboration, support researchers, and maintain the continued delivery of strong science from the department.

Contact Claire Powell c.powell@ucl.ac.uk

Mental Health SIG

Our SIG focuses on discussing research and research ideas linked to supporting children, young people and families with mental health and wellbeing. 

Contact Jeanne Wolstencroft j.wolstencroft@ucl.ac.uk

Social Determinants of Health SIG

Children who live and grow up with socioeconomic disadvantage suffer from worse mental and physical health than their more advantaged peers. Health inequalities such as these are often referred to as a ‘wicked problem’ -  complex, difficult to define and with no simple solutions. This SIG meets three times a year to bring together researchers within PPP who are engaged or interested in work to understand and tackle the multifaceted impacts of inequalities and the wider social determinants of health, at the levels of individuals and communities through to population.

Contact Rachel Knowles rachel.knowles@ucl.ac.uk

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