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Education and training


We offer routine training on some of our equipment to allow you to run your own projects:

  • MiSeq
  • Bioanalyzer
  • NextSeq
  • Tapestation

Please contact us at ich.genomics@ucl.ac.uk for information.


Short course in Applied Genomics

If you are interested in attending a short course in Applied Genomics, please get in contact with Mark Kristiansen to discuss. 

Course dates 2019

Wednesday 23 October - Tuesday 29 October

This module aims to provide students with an up-to-date and broad knowledge of the principles of genomics, genomic technologies, methods of genomic analysis and the application of Genomics in medicine and life sciences.

The course will cover:

  • Principles of Genome investigation
  • Genomics technologies
  • Statistics for genomics
  • Gene Discovery (including sequence capture)
  • Genome-wide regulation
  • Transcriptomics
  • Dynamic models and Networks
  • Analysis of genomic datasets
  • Basic computing for Genomics and exemplar applications

The aim is for students to leave with a full ability to design, run, analyse and understand genomic data.

The course will be delivered through lectures, classroom interaction, workshops (practical analysis) and self-directed learning. As part of their independent course assessment students will be expected to undertake literature research, to design a genomic experiment and appropriately execute an analysis workflow to achieve a research outcome based on a genomic dataset.

MSc Cell and Gene Therapy

The Applied Genomics module is part of the Master's degree in Cell and Gene Therapy run from the UCL Great Ormond Institute of Child Health. This MSc programme provides an in-depth education in this cutting-edge and rapidly developing field. It is delivered by scientists and clinicians researching, developing and testing new treatments for genetically inherited and acquired diseases using gene delivery technology, stem cell manipulation and DNA repair techniques. For information, please click here.

Work experience

UCL Genomics prides itself on providing in depth training in genomic technologies to scientists, researchers and clinicians as well as accommodating work experience students and hosting educational programmes as part of the UCL Summer School. Please get in touch for more information.