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Dr Gabriel Galea

Gabriel Galea

Wellcome Clinical Research Career Development Fellow 


Project: The cellular mechanobiology of mammalian neural tube closure

Gabriel received his Wellcome Trust funded PhD from the University of Bristol in 2013. His thesis title was 'The regulation in bone cells of Sost/sclerostin by mechanical strain'.  Gabriel graduated as a vet in 2015 also from the University of Bristol.

Gabriel is a PI leading research into the biomechanical basis of neural tube development in early embryos

He did his PhD in cellular biomechanics at the University of Bristol, followed by brief externships to the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, US. He primarily studied the regulation of bone cell gene expression by cell signalling, epigenetic and transcriptional mechanisms in response to mechanical strain. His current research interests are in the mechanisms by which embryonic cells generate, withstand and transmit the mechanical forces required to shape their tissues.


He is currently a Wellcome Clinical Research Career Development Fellow and a Wellcome Beit Prize holder.


Gabriel is a veterinarian by training and remains clinically active. His primary veterinary responsibilities are as an executive board members of the charity StreetVet, which provides accessible, free vet care to pet owners experiencing homelessness.


Gabriel also lectures on various undergraduate and masters courses on topics including neural tube defects, skeletal functional adaptation and bioimaging


Gabriel is a member of the Bloomsbury Centre for Skeletal Research

Gabriel has a Lab blog which can be found at https://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/neurulation-biomechanics

For more information on Gabriel's research, please follow the UCL IRIS Page