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Developmental Biology of Birth Defects

Mouse Embryo Sequence

The Developmental Biology of Birth Defects Section employs genetic techniques together with cellular, molecular and developmental biology to elucidate mechanisms of morphogenesis and how these are disrupted in human birth defects, including childhood tumours. 

Active areas of investigation include spinal cord and brain development, pituitary development, tumour pathogenesis, craniofacial malformation, renal defects and cardiovascular morphogenesis. 

Basic research is complemented by clinical translation, for instance through improving diagnosis and treatment of birth defects, the use of micronutrients in prevention of congenital disease, VEGF as a therapy in cystic kidney disease, novel treatments against paediatric brain tumours and efforts towards tissue engineering.


Mammalian Genetics & Development Workshop

Research Group Leaders

Paula Alexandre

Ariane Chapgier

Andrew Copp

Nick Greene

Thomas Jacques

David Long

JP Martinez-Barbera

Erwin Pauws

Rukshana Shroff

Peter Scambler

Aoife Waters

Paul Winyard