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Paper of the month this month is the report of the study by a group from Developmental Biology and Cancer with first author Connor McCann, last author Nikhil Thapar and including also Dipa Natarajan, Silvia Perin, Chey Chapman, Robert Hofstra and Alan Burns. 

The paper addresses neuronal AGM development and onset of electrical activity in the human enteric nervous system (ENS).  Understanding the neuro development of the ENS is essential to understanding congenital disorders of gut motility such as Hirschsprung disease.  This has been extensively studied in murine models but this group have uniquely been able to undertake studies of developing human gut. They discovered that evoked electrical activity appeared early in human development and coincided with increase in expression of various ion channels known to modulate enteric action potentials. These observations have provided critical insights into ENS development in humans and will be the basis of further studies which are likely to lead to important insights of relevance to disorders such as Hirschsprung’s disease.  Many congratulations to the study team. 




Grant & Fellowship Awards

Colleagues listed below have recently achieved a significant grant award of more than £200k:

Andrew Copp (DBC Programme) received £686,407 from the MRC for the consolidation of the MRC / Wellcome Trust Human Developmental Biology Resource (HDBR).
John Anderson (DBC Programme) received £250,000 from Solving Kid’s Cancer for research into ‘Preclinical Refinement of treatment of neuroblastoma with CAR-T cells’.


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AHSC Symposium Recordings

Symposium session recordings were made with UCLPartners Academic Health Science Partnership’s symposium ‘Cancer in the Population’. This took place on 10th September 2018, hosted by the Cancer Survival Group at LSHTM, London. Listen to @UCLchildhealth Prof. Kathy Pritchard-Jones and her recording, Children with cancer – how can we improve outcomes in the UK? here.



Great Ormond Street Hospital Institute of Child Health Lewis Spitz Surgical Scientist Programme

UCL GOS ICH is launching the Lewis Spitz Surgical Scientist PhD programme aimed at surgical trainees ready to begin a career in academia. For information on this funding Programme click here.