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Research groups, projects and data resources

Here are just some of the research groups and projects at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and Great Ormond Street Hospital that focus on data science, and our unique, world-leading data resources.
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Child Health Informatics Group (CHIG)

The Child Health Informatics Group uses administrative datasets routinely collected by government departments and other organisations to create rich resources for policy-relevant research.

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We use data, best practice and evidence to improve newborn care in low resource settings (from tertiary hospitals through to rural health clinics) to improve survival and equitable access to universal care.

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Education and Child Health Insights from Linked Data (ECHILD)

The ECHILD project is a research study run from the Institute that joins together existing health, education and social care information for all children in England for the first time.

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Air Pollution, housing and respiratory tract Infections in Children: NatIonal birth Cohort study (PICNIC)

We use large health databases linked to environmental data to look at whether children exposed to outdoor air pollution or poor housing conditions during pregnancy or early childhood can increase the risk of respiratory tract infections.

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DRIVE aims to become a world leading clinical informatics unit focused on data analysis, accelerating research and the deployment of cutting-edge technology. 

unicorns uveitis

Uveitis in Childhood Prospective National Cohort Study (UNICORNS)

Through UNICORNS we use data from children, families and hospitals to better understand uveitis, a rare but serious disease in children.


The Fracture Study is trying to find out whether a computer programme (artificial intelligence, AI) can help find broken bones on X-rays accurately and help improve outcomes for children.