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MoFlo XDP Cell Sorter

 The MoFlo XDP is a high-speed cell sorting with 3 lasers: UV 355nm, blue 488 nm, and red 647 nm. It can detect 2 scatters and 9 fluorescence parameters (5 colours on the blue laser, 2 colours on the UV laser, and 2 colours on the red diode) with digital pulse processing at a resolution of 32-bit and 5-decade multi-channel digital dynamic range. The XDP, like the old MoFlo, has 4-way sort capability and water-bath controlled temperature of both pre- and post-sorted cells.

The IntelliSort software, which replaces the earlier SortMaster, monitors temperature and pressure and controls stream stability. The touch screen replaces all functions of the 'electronics tower' and adds new features:

  • individual control of side streams,
  • SmartSampler control,
  • calibration of CyClone,
  • sample station control,
  • illumination of sort chamber and sample loader ,
  • adjustment of stream camera,
  • 488 laser power control,
  • UV and 633 red diode on/off switch control,
  • sample tubing and probe cleaning and rinse procedures.

The manufacturer expects 70,000 events per second sort rate and 99% purity at all speeds.

CyClone single cell cloning is very fast, easy to set up and allows the customisation of many plate configurations.

The MoFlo XDP can detect most standard flow cytometry fluorochromes plus GFP, YFP, and UV excited DNA dyes such as Hoechst 33342 and DAPI. APC, APC-Cy7 and APC-H7 are also detected with reasonably good sensitivity.

MoFlo XDP BC presentation