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Cell analysis guidelines


Data Analysis Software

UCL ICH Flow Cytometry Core Facility users have several data analysis programs at their disposition:

  • FACSDiva, FACSArray and FCAP software from Becton Dickinson
  • Summit, CytExpert and Kaluza software from Beckman Coulter
  • FlowJo from TreeStar, for universal Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) files analysis.

Dedicated Mac and PC computers running FlowJo, Summit, ModFiT, Kaluza and FACSDiva analysis software are available for free to all facility users. The facility also offers FCAP array software for CBA analysis.

Guidelines for a valid flow cytometry experiment

With the rapid advances in flow cytometry technology, new fully digitized instruments are replacing the old analog machines and new software are developed. To understand and correctly interpret flow cytometry data, it is becoming essential to know how these data are generated and recorded. There are few papers that explain these important advances and outline guidelines as to how to record and report flow cytometry data.