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Dr Alessandro Borghi

Dr Alessandro Borghi

Senior Research Associate

Developmental Biology & Cancer Dept

UCL GOS Institute of Child Health

Joined UCL
1st Nov 2013

Teaching summary

I am currently teaching  Kinematics of Deformation and Motion from the course of Fundamentals of Biomechanics.

I have been supervising Mechanical Engineering undergraduate and MSc students for their final project. I have been involved with the supervision of iBSc students from the UCL medical school for their research project. 


I was awarded my Master of Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. I was afterwards offedered a position as a PhD student at the department of Chemical Engineering of Imperial College London, under the supervision of Prof. Xiao Yun Xu. My PhD project focused on numerical modeling of fluid-solid interaction in pathological arteries. After finishing, I worked as R&D engineer in a medical device company on a project for the design of novel cardiovascular devices for the treatment of heart failure. 
In 2009 I returned to academia as Research Fellow in the SAW project - Imperial College London, sponsored by Wellcome Trust; while in this project, I worked on the mechanical optimization of the delivery of a novel pressure sensor for wireless pressure monitoring. While at Imperial College, I also collaborated with the Heart Science Centre - working on mechanical testing of heart valves to understand the effect of extracellular matrix components on tensile and viscoelastic properties. 
In 2013 I joined the Institute of Child Health as Senior Research Associate on the project FACEVALUE: in my group I work on numerical modeling of craniofacial surgical procedures and on the design of novel distractors for the treatment of congenital craniofacial abnormalities