UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Microscope manuals and operating procedures


Pixel sizes for all microscopes to set image scale

Excel file pixel sizes

Fluorescence filter sets for all microscopes

Excel File Filters sets

Kohler Illumination set up on Zeiss Axioplan scopes

Instructions for scopes in room 310, Scope 2)NDU & Scope 5)MMU

Zen Blue Guide for Image acquisition for Zeiss Axioplan Scopes with colour cameras

Instructions for the Axiocam Camera operation with Zen Blue software

Zen Blue Guide for fluorescence imaging on Observer with Hamamatsu Flash 4 camera

Instructions for automatic fluorescence image capture with Zen Blue software

Leica upright fluorescent microscope with Micromanager

Micromanager Instructions (recommended) or uEye Instructions (not recommended)

Olympus  IX71 inverted tissue culture microscope

Microscope instructions

HCImage software site for camera operation

Live Imaging Timelapse

Microscope instructions & Technical Specs