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Beyond BHM Film Screenings

16 November 2022–02 December 2022, 12:00 pm–2:00 pm

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Join GOS ICH for a series of film screenings, followed by Q&A

This event is free.

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UCL GOS ICH Race Equity Group

Open to all UCL and GOSH staff (please use your UCL / GOSH email to register)

Join us for one or more of the following films, each of which will be followed by a short Q&A to give the audience a chance to share any topics raised:

16/11/22 12 to 2 Lower Ground Seminar Room Frantz Fanon Black Skin White Mask - Documentary mixing reconstruction, archive footage and eye witness accounts to celebrate the life of Frantz Fanon, black intellectual, psychiatrist and revolutionary.

23/11/22 12 to 2 Lower Ground Seminar Room Two short films: Jemima and Johnny, The friendship of a young white boy and a black girl reaches out across the generations in this uplifting mid-60s short, directed by South African-born actor and anti-Apartheid activist Lionel Ngakane. Against a background media narrative suggesting ever-worsening racial tensions, Jemima + Johnny offered a refreshingly optimistic take on black/white relations in a post-riots Notting Hill. Jemima + Johnny won its director an award at the 1966 Venice Film Festival, the first black British film to be so honoured.

Followed by Nice, a monologue about a "nice" West Indian and his descent into postcolonial cynicism, performed by the legendary Norman Beaton.

24/11/22 1 to 2 June Lloyd Room Joint International Men's Day Event: The Nod – Tell Me You Got Me is an ode to the nod exchanged between Black males and its significance in the building of unity and brotherhood. The short documentary explores what it means and why it is important to Black males in modern-day Britain.

25/11/22 1 to 2 June Lloyd Room Too Autistic for Black is a story that explores what it’s like to be Black, British and marginalised in the autism discourse. In the short film, the filmmaker and TV presenter, Tee Cee, talks openly about her own and others’ experiences.

01/12/22 1 to 2 June Lloyd Room The Power of Plantain brings two Black British chefs together to embark on a culinary journey in the kitchen, exploring Pan-African cuisine and its redefining role in gastronomy. In the film, the cooking experts discuss their own roots, passion and The Power of Plantain.

02/12/22 1 to 2 June Lloyd Room Reggae in a Babylon - The Birth of Urban British Reggae. In the late 1970's the young, gifted and black generation of Thatcher's Britain fused the Revolutionary zeal of Punk with their Rastafarian roots to create a new sound system that defined their struggle. Reggae was the saviour in their modern 'Babylon' and this acclaimed film charts the birth of urban British Reggae.