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Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Clinical Neurosciences staff list

Principal Investigators

Simon BeggsLecturer in Neurobiology of Paediatric Pains.beggs@ucl.ac.uk
Helen CrossThe Prince of Wales's Chair of Childhood Epilepsy and Head of Programmeh.cross@ucl.ac.uk
Naomi DaleReader in Paediatric Neurodisabilityn.dale@ucl.ac.uk
Vijeya GanesanSenior Clinical Lecturerv.ganesan@ucl.ac.uk
Fenella KirkhamProfessor of Paediatric Neurologyfenella.kirkham@ucl.ac.uk
Finbar O'CallaghanProfessor of Paediatric Neuroscience and Head of Sectionf.o'callaghan@ucl.ac.uk
Ronit PresslerClinical Principal Research Associater.pressler@ucl.ac.uk
Suellen WalkerReader in Paediatric Aneasthesia and Pain Medicinesuellen.walker@ucl.ac.uk

Section Staff

Maryam BalogunResearch Assistantmaryam.balogun.17@ucl.ac.uk
Louise JonesPersonal Assistantl.jones@ucl.ac.uk
Laura LyonsTrial Managerlaura.lyons@ucl.ac.uk
Nicola Openshaw-LawrenceClinical Trial Coordinatorn.openshaw-lawrence@ucl.ac.uk
Manuela PischResearch Associatem.pisch@ucl.ac.uk
Natasha SchoelerDietetic Assistantn.schoeler@ucl.ac.uk
Madeleine VerriotisSenior Research Associatemadeleine.verriotis@ucl.ac.uk
Katerina VezyroglouResearch Associatek.vezyroglou@ucl.ac.uk

Honorary Staff

Sarah AylettHonorary Lecturer
Sanjay BhateHonorary Senior Lecturer
Stewart BoydHonorary Senior Lecturer
Samantha ChanHonorary Research Associate
Krishna DasHonorary Senior Lecturer
Stephanie DaveyHonorary Research Assistant
Carlos De SousaHonorary Lecturer
Christin EltzeHonorary Senior Lecturer
William HarknessHonorary Senior Lecturer
Richard HaywardHonorary Professor
Cheryl HemingwayHonorary Senior Research Associate
Isobel HeymanHonorary Professor
Greg JamesHonorary Senior Lecturer
Marios KaliakatsosHonorary Lecturer
Alki LiasisHonorary Senior Lecturer
Andrew LuxHonorary Senior Lecturer
Lindy MayHonorary Lecturer
Angela MensahHonorary Research Assistant
Amy MuggeridgeHonorary Research Assistant
Elizabeth NealHonorary Research Associate
Imogen Newsom-DavisHonorary Kecturer
Michelle O'ReillyHonorary Senior Research Associate
Judy PetersHonorary Research Assistant
Matthew PittHonorary Senior Lecturer
Robert RobinsonHonorary Senior Lecturer
Rodney ScottHonorary Professor
Amaki SogbodjorHonorary Research Assistant
Zubair TahirHonorary Senior Lecturer
Ellen Talmon L'ArmeeHonorary Research Associate
Dominic ThompsonHonorary Senior Lecturer
Rachel ThorntonHonorary Senior Research Associate

PhD Students

Sam Amin Finbar O'Callaghan 
Hanna Sakki Naomi Dale 
Clarissa SorgerCharacterising neuropathic pain in childrenSuellen Walker