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Richard E Bonham-Carter

Publications by Richard Erskine Bonham-Carter (1910-1994)

Richard Bonham-Carter qualified at St Thomas' Hospital Medical School, where he became a House Officer. He became Resident Assistant Physician at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street kindled his life-long interest in paediatrics. In 1942 he enlisted as Medical Officer in the 1st Airborne Division and served in several theatres of war, including Arnhem, where he was captured. In 1947 he became assistant to Professor Alan Moncrieff. In 1949 he was appointed Consultant Physician to the hospital, specialising in diseases of the heart. During the 1950s, with David Waterston, he established the Thoracic Unit, the firs joint medical-surgical ward ward anywhere devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of children with chest and heart diseases. From this evolved his vision to build a new wing to the hospital to contain all the services and research facilities dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease could be contained under one roof. Although planned in the 1960s, this vision was finally realised with the completion of the Cardiac Wing in 1988.

Note: this is an interim list, which only shows publications up to 1951.

List of references

Note: PP refers to Papers Published by Medical & Surgical Staff of the Hospital.

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