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Role models at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child health

Staff at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child health that have been nominated EDI role models by their colleagues.
Helen Cross

Prof Helen Cross

The Prince of Wales's Chair of Childhood Epilepsy & Head of UCL GOS Neurosciences Unit

The primary focus of my research has been optimising outcomes in the early onset epilepsies, and this has included epidemiology, clinical trials and outcome studies. 


Elisa Cuevas Garcia

Dr Elisa Cuveas Garcia

Research Associate,  Developmental Biology and Cancer

I believe collaboration is key for scientific success, and I have been very lucky to be surrounded by people (supervisors, colleagues and friends) willing to spare a minute when I needed advise. 




Dr Mark Kristiansen

Dr Mark Kristiansen

UCL Genomics Manger 

My positive learning experiences at postgraduate level highlighted the importance of excellent pastoral support and encouragement

Federica Montanaro

Dr Federica Montanaro

Marie Skldowska Curie Senior Research Fellow

Developmental Neurosciences Prog

I am at my best when my work and personal life are balanced, and a big part of keeping that balance involves relying on others



janet nicholas

Janet Nicholas

Administrator Develomental Neuroscience

My interest in Wellbeing and Mental Health really started a few years ago when I heard a lecture who made the audience aware of the growing number of mental health cases within UCL

jenifer suntharalingham

Jenifer Suntharalingham

Research Assistant

Genetics & Genomic Medicine Program

As a STEM ambassador, I enjoy visiting schools and helping young students to think about Science and encouraging the next generation of scientists to think of STEM careers.   


    Lola Solebo

    Dr Lola Solebo

    NIHR Clinician Scientist / Honorary Consultant

    ICH Pop, Policy & Practice Prog

    My interest is in the predictors of outcome for children with eye disease, and the translation of these findings to practice and policy.



    hemlata Varsani

    Hemlata Varsani

    Lab Manager 

    The part of my job I found most satisfying was training/teaching new staff and supervising students