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Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


What is expected from you?


  • Read UCL’s Let’s talk about race Toolkit to support mentors in discussions on race and ethnicity that may arise when mentoring people from under-represented groups, whilst giving mentees the confidence that mentors are aware and informed of these issues.
  • Establish a mentoring agreement
  • Share experience, provide direction and advice to develop career skills and expertise
  • Have regular meetings with pre agreed length of time and expectations


  • Drive the process, take ownership!
  • Have a realistic expectation on what can be achieved
  • Respect each other’s time
  • Provide feedback, review goals

Time commitment:

  • It is expected that you are in a mentoring relationship for about a year, but this varies depending on your objectives and when these are achieved.

  • It is also expected that you meet regularly, be it monthly, bimonthly, quarterly - depending on the objectives. Once the schedule is agreed, mentors and mentees need to commit to it.

  • Both length of relationship and meeting schedule should be agreed at the start of the relationship, revised periodically and adjusted if needed.