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How to join the scheme

mentoring focus group

1. Attend a training session – options are: 

2. Join scheme:

After completing the training, you wil be given the option of joining as a mentor, a mentee or both. Just follow the instructions at the end of the course.

  • once you join as a mentor, your details are then loaded in FPHS Mentoring Moodle platform and available to mentees in the scheme
  • when you join as a mentee, you gain access to FPHS Mentoring Moodle platform – resources include list of available mentors across the participating institutes.

3. Matching:

  • Mentees can search mentors in the FPHS Mentoring Moodle platform according to different criteria such as area of expertise or life experience. They can then identify and approach a mentor directly. 
  • Alternatively, mentees can ask us for help to be matched to a mentor.
  • Both parties then meet to discuss how they would work together. If the match is not right, either party can decline it without affecting their participation in the scheme. 

4. Establishing a Mentoring Relationship:

  • Once matched, a written mentoring agreement is recommended, to establish objectives and boundaries, agree regularity and location of meetings and include a feedback mechanism from both perspectives.