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Case study 2

From Susan Lloyd, Manager of the GOS ICH Developmental Biology and Cancer department

I signed up to be a mentor simply as I wanted to help someone else, to pass on useful information to a less experienced person.  My intention was to never get anything out of it personally.  

But I could not have been more wrong. 

The whole experience from our very first session was all about two-way knowledge and experience sharing.  From the off we established the ground rules, how we were going to make contact, how often and such and my mentee explained what it was that they were hoping to get from the scheme.  She was open and honest, and I was honest in return about what it was that I thought I could help and support her with.

We both looked forward to each of our sessions.  I would actively listen to how she had been getting on since we last met, offering additional advice or direction where it was needed.  Following a session it was very clear that we both felt motivated, for her to put into practice what it was that we had discussed and for myself the knowledge that I had done a job well done.  

The thing I enjoyed most about the scheme, enabling and witnessing growth of my mentee and also of myself which came as a total surprise.  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the scheme to anyone that was thinking about becoming a mentor or mentee and I am very much looking forward to another opportunity to mentor someone else again.