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Dr Elisa Cuveas Garcia

Elisa Cuevas Garcia
I am a Research Associate in the group of Jane Sowden, and my work focuses on the use of gene editing techniques and stem cells to try and develop treatments for retinal degenerative diseases. I have been in ICH for over three years now, and what I really enjoy about working here is the symbiosis between clinical and basic research, and how people from different backgrounds come together to advance science in a way that can impact patients’ lives.

I believe collaboration is key for scientific success, and I have been very lucky to be surrounded by people (supervisors, colleagues and friends) willing to spare a minute when I needed advise. This has inspired me to try and be that type of person for my colleagues, because we all need help sometimes, and we advance faster together. Science is a constant process of learning, and is essential to both teach and learn as much as possible from people around you, regardless each one’s role, seniority or any other 'tag'.