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Hemlata Varsani

hemlata Varsani
I have been working at the institute since Oct 2000, for the first 13 years, I was carrying out research in the IIIR section, for the last 6 years I have been a laboratory manager. During my time in the lab I really enjoyed doing wet lab work and bringing new methodology to the lab. The part of my job I found most satisfying was training/teaching new staff and supervising students. As I was the section safety officer, before the days of lab managers it was my job to carry out the lab inductions for my section and help sort out lab issues. When the opportunity arose for a lab manager’s position, I decided to take it. I now look after research groups in four sections, all have different needs and set ups. I ensure each lab works safely and efficiently, when appropriate I also provide technical advice.  I find helping others very rewarding, whether a student, professor or any other staff, everyone is grateful when helped, whether their problem is simple or complicated.