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Janet Nicholas

janet nicholas
I am an Administrator within Developmental Neuroscience at UCL GOS Institute of Child Health and have worked here for just over 11 years.  My interest in Wellbeing and Mental Health really started a few years ago when I heard a lecture given by the UCL Head of Psychology who made the audience aware of the growing number of mental health cases within UCL and universities as a whole.  We have new students every year who arrive at UCL to study, some of whom have difficulty getting used to the big city or living away from home for the first time.  Some may find it hard to form new friendships and adjusting to the whole culture of university life.   The thing that shocked me most was the growing number of people with mental health problems and even more shocking were the number of suicides not only at UCL but throughout universities in the country.  This disturbed me enough to ask the question, what can I do to help.   I then attended a Mental Health in Adolescence Question & Answer Panel Meeting at UCL and heard a speaker talk about the importance of looking after your good mental health and it struck me then that this was a way I could help in trying to support staff and students’ good mental health.


Hence the reason why I initiated a breakfast club once a month for staff and students in Molecular Neuroscience, so that new staff could meet in a less formal manner with existing staff, in a space where work is not the topic.


I am also involved in the UCL GOS Institute of Child Health Craft Club, which takes place once a week on a Tuesday and try to invite as many people who are interested or just want to come along and bring their lunch for a chat. 


I am on the Wellbeing Steering Committee of the EDI and have been nominated as the Wellbeing Champion and also a Mental Health Champion for the Institute.