Lab sessions

We'll be opening our labs up for you to see the research being undertaken in the department during three lab sessions on the day. Check out below what's on offer!

Spaces for each lab session are limited so book as soon as possible here.

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for peptide purification

HPLC peptide purification

Tabor group | Room/Lab: 467

Solid-phase peptide synthesis

SPPS peptide synthesis

State-of-the-art automated peptide synthesis allows us to make virtually any peptide sequence using the Merrifield technique pioneered in 1963. 

Tabor group | Room/Lab: 433

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

TEM image of polymeric nanoparticles

Dive down into the world of nanoscale structures using TEM with the Battaglia group.

Battaglia group | Room/Lab: LG26

Confocal microscopy & nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA)

Nanoparticle tracking analysis

Discover some of the techniques to visualise and analyse how nanoparticles move in liquids and how they get taken up into cells. 

Battaglia group | Room/Lab: G17

Reaction of O atoms on low temperature surfaces 

Reactions of O atoms on low temperature surfaces

Price group | Room/Lab: LG3

Doubly charged ions from PF3

Dication mass spec

Price group | Room/Lab: LG8

Self-cleaning surfaces

Superhydrophobic drop

In the Carmalt group, we are developing self-cleaning surfaces based on the lotus effect – where extremely water-repellent surfaces are able to repel dirt, stains and effectively clean themselves.

Carmalt group | Room/Lab: 308

Chemical vapour deposition (CVD)


Thin film deposition of selected materials for coatings and electronic applications with highly controllable morphology.

Carmalt group | Room/Lab: 308