Manish Trivedi

Email: m.trivedi@ucl.ac.uk 


Hi there dear reader! I am currently undertaking a PhD utilising active Brownian particles under Dr Giorgio Volpe. We aim to develop active Janus particles and study their movement in binary liquid mixtures. Their propulsion mechanisms will be dominated by a local demixing in the binary fluid; resulting from an imbalance in temperature from laser illumination of the Janus particles. This study will take us deep within the realms of non-equilibrium physics, an area in which there is a dearth in current understanding. My most recent venture was a master’s degree in Nanotechnology with Regenerative Medicine at UCL. The final project involved imbuing cancer cells with gold nanoparticles to test for radiosensitivity effects with proton therapy. Previous to this I completed a master’s degree in Physics (also at UCL) and continued to work as a research assistant in an optomechanics lab for two years; levitating nanoparticles via optical and electronic tweezers under vacuum. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or expressions of interest, in any of the work that I have been involved with (or am currently doing). Thanks for reading!