Prof Claire J. Carmalt

Head of Department

 Claire Carmalt is a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry.

Her group is multidisciplinary and currently consists of 5 postdocs, 8 PhD students and MSci students. 

Research in developing innovative new routes to inorganic materials within her group includes the synthesis of novel molecular precursors, deposition of films using chemical vapour, spray and atomic layer deposition, formation of superhydrophobic surfaces and deposition of transparent conducting oxide and photocatalytic thin films.

She has worked at UCL since 1997 (1997-2002: Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin fellowship and Lecturer; 2002-4: Senior Lecturer ; 2004-9: Reader; 2009: Professor and Head of Inorgnic & Materials Section; 2014: Vice-Dean(Education), MAPS faculty; 2016: Head of Department, Chemistry Department).

Before this, she was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Science and Technology Center, University of Texas at Austin, USA working with Professors Alan Cowley FRS and Mike White.
Summary of research group

Our group is concerned with developing innovative new routes to technologically important inorganic materials.

We have a strong interest in the synthesis and characterisation of novel molecular precursors for use in the deposition of thin films of materials especially metal oxides and nitrides.

The aim is to develop new highly volatile, non-toxic precursors, which are then used to grown thin films.

The group is involved in research in Aerosol Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (AACVD) including scale up development for industrial applications and combinatorial CVD. 

The development of transparent conducting oxides, photocatalysts and superhydrophobic paints are of key interest.

Research highlights
 News on self-cleaning - this article appears on Chemistry News 2015
Research Facilities
 The group makes use of a range of CVD rigs, single crystal XRD, NMR, Mass Spec, FTIR, UV-Vis, powder XRD, XPS, EDAX/SEM and TEM
 Meldola Medal and Prize, RSC, 2000
 Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry; Member, American Chemical Society
Research interests
 Materials Discovery
Aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition
Synthesis of Molecular Precursors for film deposition
Transparent conducting oxides
Superhydrophobic Materials
 UG CHEM1004 / CHEM1601 – Atomic Structure and the Periodic table;
UG CHEM3101 – Organometallic Chemistry;
CHEM2102 – Inorganic Chemistry - Demonstrator;
CHEM1101 – Inorganic Chemistry - Tutorials 1st year