Professor Stephen D. Price

Thomas Graham Professor of Chemistry

  Steve Price was appointed to a lectureship at UCL in 1993 after working at the University of Colorado, Universite Paris-Sud and Oxford University.  He was promoted to the Thomas Graham Chair in 2000.  He also helps run the innovative UCL Degree in Arts and Sciences.
Summary of research group
  We are interested in developing experimental techniques to study the formation, properties and reactivity of atoms and molecules which possess considerable internal energy. This energy is usually electronic, vibrational or both. The targets of our experiments range from revealing the reactivity of molecular dications, which is of relevance in planetary ionospheres, to studying the formation of molecules, such as vibrationally excited H2, on interstellar dust grains.
Research highlights  

Recent interesting results involve:

  1. An investigation of the oxidation of alkynes at very low temperatures on prototypical; interstellar surfaces
  2. The first observation of the bond-forming reactivity of small trications at low collision energies
  3. Studies of the reactivity of the molecular nitrogen dication which resulted in kinetic information that is included in a recent compendium of atmospheric data relevant to Titan’s atmosphere.
Research Facilities
  All our experiments are conducted on custom high,- and ultra-high, vacuum apparatus constructed at UCL. The design and construction and commissioning of new experimental apparatus, usually involving mass spectrometry, is a core part of our research effort.
  • SASP Erwin Schrodinger Medal (2014)
  • Corday-Morgan Medal (2002)
  • RSC Marlow Medal (1998)
Research interests
  • Ion chemistry
  • Astrochemistry on surfaces and in the gas-phase
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Laser Spectroscopy
  • Surface science
  • Lead pathway representative for the Sciences and Engineering Pathway foe the BASc Degree (see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/basc).
  • Course Organizer and Lecturer for CHEM1004/1601 “An Introduction to Chemical Principles” – the first course in chemistry taken by Chemists and Natural Scientists, a course involving a wide range of teaching methods and assessment strategies.