Professor Robin J. H. Clark FRS CNZM

Sir William Ramsay Professor Emeritus

Materials Chemistry

  Robin Clark is a former Head of Chemistry and Vice Dean/ Dean of Science at UCL where he now carries out research with former post-doctoral fellows, academic visitors and colleagues. His early research was based on synthetic, structural, and spectroscopic aspects of transition metal chemistry. He has lectured in 36 countries and acted as Visiting Professor at 14 Universities. His wide-ranging research has embraced mixed valency, metal-metal bonding, Raman, electronic Raman and resonance Raman spectroscopy. He pioneered the development of Raman microscopy over 25 years ago for the identification of pigments on artwork and archaeological artefacts, so evolving a rapid, specific, in-situ technique for the identification of forgeries. He has published over 525 papers (h-index 62) and written and/or edited 36 books.
Summary of research group
  On-going collaborative work with four former post doctorals and one current PhD student (R. Scarpelli) all concerned with Raman microscopy
Research highlights
  Identification of art forgeries – many publications and several TV presentations (Italy, USA and UK), the most recent being the BBC TV Fake or Fortune programme, first broadcast in the UK on 2 February 2014. and rebroadcast in several countries.
Research Facilities
  Raman microscopes
  • Tilden, Nyholm, Graham, Liversidge & Stokes award/lectures of the RSC
  • Hon FRSNZ 1989, FRS 1990, Sidey Medal RSNZ 2001, Hon DSc Cant, FUCL, CNZM, Hon FRI 2004
  • For Fell Acad Sci India 2007, Franklin-Lavoisier Prize Paris/Philadelphia 2008, Bakerian Lecture (premier RS Lecture in the Physical Sciences) 2008, Internat Mem Amer Phil Soc 2010, Rutherford Lecture, RS, throughout Canada and NZ 2012, Premier Annual Lectures to the Worshipful Companies: Horners, Barber Surgeons, Scientific Instrument Makers 2004-2014
  RSC, RS, RSA, RSNZ, Am Chem Soc, Am Phil Soc, Ind Acad Sci
Research interests
  • Early transition metal and organometallic chemistry
  • Mixed valency and metal-metal bonding
  • Electronic, infrared, Raman and resonance Raman spectroscopy ( in all states)
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Pigments and dyes
  • Identification of forgeries in artwork and artefacts
  • History of key scientists such as Ernest Rutherford
  Public lectures and conference lectures