Professor Giuseppe Battaglia

  Giuseppe Battaglia is Professor of Molecular Bionics. His research is focused on the investigation of the specific design rules behind inter/intramolecular interactions and self-assembly of soft matter systems combining synthetic and supramolecular chemistry. In analogy to medical Bionics, where engineering and physical science converge to the design of replacement and/or enhancement of malfunctioning body parts, Prof Battaglia and his team apply molecular engineering and nanotechnology tools to copy and/or improve biological structures such as viruses for several applications including biotechnology, drug and gene delivery, diagnostic tools and cell engineering scaffolds. He has worked at UCL since 2013. Before this, he held positions as Lecturer -2006, Senior Lecturer -2009 and Professor -2011 in the Departments of Materials Sci. Eng. (2006-2009) and Biomedical Science (2009-2013) at the University of Sheffield. Prof Battaglia holds a Laurea in Chemical Engineering from University of Palermo (Italy) and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Sheffield. 
Summary of research group
  For more information on Giuseppe's research group, please visit www.battagliaresearchgroup.org
Research highlights
Research Facilities
  The Battaglia labs are equipped with state of the art facilities for cell culture including 5 class A cell cabinets one dedicated for LPS and RNAse free cell culture and one dedicated for infected tissues. We have also a dedicated Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS), confocal microscope to perform live cell 4D imaging, real time PCR and automated Western Blot. We have dedicated Gel Permeation Chromatography, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, and Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography equipped with fluorescence, UV/Vis and Infrared and light scattering detectors. We have also a  dynamic light scattering unit, Nanoparticle tracking analysis, UV and Fluorescence spectroscopy, automated liquid handling units, and nanoparticle production units 

 • 2015 McBain Medal; the Society of Chemical Industries and the Royal Society of Chemistry Joint colloid group.

• 2014 RSC Thomas Graham Lecture: RSC Chilterns Middlesex Local Section Trust, 

• 2012 Award for special contribution to Polymer Therapeutics.

• 2011 GSK Emerging Scientist Award:  by the GSK board and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science. 

• 2011 PPG/DPOLY Polymer Physics Exchange Award: American Physical Society and the UK Institute of Physics.

  Member, American Chemical Society
Research interests

• Nanomedicine

• Drug delivery

• Physical Biology

• Active colloids

• Self assembly

• Vesicles, micelles and gels

• Biodegradable and biocompatible polymers

• Tissue engineering

  • CHEM3301- (3rd Year Advanced Physical Chemistry) -Soft Matter Physical Chemistry
  • CHEMM301-(4th Year Frontiers of Physical Chemistry) -Biophysical Chemistry
  • CHEM3001/CHEM3003/CHEMGG30 (3rd year Research Skills) -M0-Research communication