Professor Derek Tocher

Deputy Head of Department

  Professor Tocher collaborates with a wide range of chemists within UCL, in the UK, and internationally on problems related to structure determination of small (<200 atom) molecules. His collaborations cover inorganic, coordination, organometallic, organic chemistry and pharmaceuticals. He uses single crystal X-ray diffraction to solve problems in these areas and works with computational chemistry colleagues in the areas of crystal structure prediction and properties of the organic solid state. He is working on the exploitation of the ‘crystal flasks’ technology recently reported by Fujita. He has worked at UCL since 1984 (1984-93: Lecturer; 1993-2006 Reader; 2006-present Professor). Before this he was a postdoctoral research associate at Texas A7M university working with Professor F.A. Cotton. He graduated B.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh.
Research highlights
Summary of research group
  Our group is concerned with all aspects of small molecule crystallography from crystal structure prediction (in collaboration with Prof Sally Price) through to the use of MOF chemistry for the determination of structure of molecules that will not crystallize independantly.
Research Facilities
  Single crystal X-ray diffraction [Agilent Super Nova Dual Diffractometer)
  Royal Society of Chemistry, British Crystallographic Association
Research interests
  • Crystal structure
  • Polymorphism
  • Crystal Structure prediction
  • Crystal flasks
  • Molecular inorganic chemistry
  • Metallo-organic frameworks

1st year: Main Group Chemistry

3rd Year: The Chemistry of Inorganic Rings

4th Year: Single crystal X-ray diffraction