Martin Vickers

Senior Research Associate & Inorganic Section Laboratory Manager

  In 2009 Martin became the Senior Research Officer and Laboratory Manager, Inorganic Chemistry here in the department providing support to the Head of Section, Prof. Claire Carmalt, and support for the department's X-ray instrumentation.

Martin also works closely with Dr Jeremy Cockcroft on wide applications of Powder X-Ray Diffraction (PXRD) and the development of PXRD equipment, notably a Stoe StadiP capillary geometry system and a Siemens (now Bruker AXS) D500 reflection set up. Along with Jeremy, Martin developed the Stoe for high resolution and high/low temperature data collection.  They adapted an Orange Cryostat for liquid helium temperatures and added a Cryojet for more routine liquid nitrogen temperatures. 
Summary of research 
Research highlights
Research Facilities
Research interests
  • Non-ambient crystallography 
  • In-situ crystallography 
  • Pharmaceutical polymorphism 
  • Phase ID
  • CHEM3001