Dr Robert G. Bell

  Robert Bell is a Computational Chemist specialising in Materials Modelling. His group uses computational methods to study microporous zeolite materials which are used in catalysis and sorption. This includes the design and optimisation of materials for industrially-relevant chemical processes and in the important area of carbon dioxide capture and utilisation, for which ionic liquids may be also be used. He has a long interest in zeolite framework structure and has developed methods for assessing the feasibility of hypothetical materials. Recently he has developed projects in the area of materials relevant to the nuclear industry.  Dr Bell has been at UCL since 2005. Before this, he worked for many years at the Royal Institution of Great Britain as Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow. 
Summary of research group

Current work in our group is in the following main areas: (1) Optimizing the role of zeolite catalysts in a range of industrial processes. These include reactions of petroleum products as well as auto-exhaust catalysts (SCR), (2) Understanding the mode of action of Ionic Liquids in CO2 capture and activation, (3) Study of Zeolite topology and feasibility, (4) Materials for radiological protection and mitigation. 

Our work is highly collaborative and benefits from interactions with industrial partners and with many experimental colleagues.

Research highlights
Research Facilities
  High Performance Computing facilities: Archer, Legion, Grace etc. 
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Research interests
  • Materials Modelling
  • Computational chemistry
  • Carbon capture and Utilisation
  • Catalysis
  • Adsorption
  • Zeolites
  • CHEM3401 New Directions in Materials Chemistry
  • CHEM2101 Metas in Medicine
  • CHEMG050 Materials for Energy and Environment
  • CHEM3001 Module 8 Solid State Chemistry
  • Module 13 Computational Solid State Chemistry